A Letter to My Daughter on Her 1st Birthday

Our baby girl is one today! What an incredible year it’s been!

In honor of Chloe’s 1st birthday, I wanted to do something special to celebrate. Yes, we will have a big party on Saturday but more importantly, I wanted to give her a sentimental gift that she could cherish forever. We asked our family and friends to forgo traditional gifts and instead bring a piece of advice, card or letter that Chloe could open on her 18th birthday. I cannot wait for the day that she will open them and know how much love surrounded her at even such a young age.

I debated sharing my own letter to her since it’s so personal but my love for her is something I’m so proud of. She is the biggest blessing in my life. Read more

My Dad’s 70th Birthday Bash 

Those of you who know me know just how much I love my dad. And those of you who don’t will certainly get a better sense of our relationship after this post.

My dad recently turned 70 and our family wanted to celebrate him in a BIG way. So, we threw him a party that he’d never forget, with a quirky, fun theme and all the bells and whistles to go along with it. Check out all the details – you won’t want to miss this!  Read more