Yes, that was me on TV! 

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When the National MS Society asked if I would represent them and the upcoming Walk MS event on 3 television shows, my immediate reaction was… “Holy crap”. No, seriously. I’ve never been on TV before and like most of us, have a bit of a fear of public speaking (especially on live TV!). But, after I let their ask sink in, I knew I had to do it. This would be an opportunity to spread my message further, build awareness for multiple sclerosis AND promote an event I am so passionate about. It was a no-brainer.

Over the course of the last week, I was featured on ABC7’s “Chicago Proud”, FOX32’s “Good Day Chicago” and WCIU’s “You & Me“. (Each links out to the respective interview).

Each interview was unique and meaningful in their own way and I truly enjoyed sharing my story and perspective on living positively with MS. I hope they were encouraging to others – especially those who are young and newly diagnosed – and show that you’re very capable of still living a full and active life.

So, were the interviews perfect? No. But, I did my best and told my story as authentically as I knew how and believe I achieved my goal going into them.

Featured on the “You & Me” show with Gabe Saglie (left) and Jon Hansen

As my interviews echo, Walk MS is an extraordinary event that has collectively raised close to $1 billion dollars for MS research. What that means is that because of Walk MS, all of the research trials, advancements and new medications that we are hearing about are possible because of this event and this incredible organization. AKA – Walk MS is a huge f’ing deal.

While it quite bluntly *sucks* that there is no cure for MS, there has been progress. A lot of it, actually. I see it. I read about it. I’m benefiting from it. MS is one of those illnesses that I believe there will be a cure for in my lifetime.

Appearing LIVE on FOX32’s “Good Day Chicago”

Supporting Walk MS is critical to the continued progress and I want to be apart of that change. Collectively with my team, we’ve raised over $80,000 in 3 years and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making that possible. Whether you donated, showed concern, went to one of my fundraisers or even asked how you could help, I am so appreciative. Thank you.

Interviewed by Marissa Isang | Special Projects Producer |  ABC 7 Chicago

I strongly believe that MS today can be controlled and managed and I want others who are in a similar position to understand and believe that too. MS isn’t what it used to be and ultimately can be controlled if you control it.

If you’d like to support our Walk MS team, there’s still time to do so and any donation would be greatly appreciated. Donate here.


All appearances can be found here:

“Chicago Proud” on ABC 7

“You & Me” on WCUI

“Good Day Chicago” on FOX32

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