Chloe’s Barnyard Bash!

March 22, 2017 3 Comments

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Old McDonald isn’t the only one with a farm! Miss Chloe turned 1 and we went all out with a farm-themed blow-out bash! From bringing a petting zoo into our city home to surprising kiddos with a farm-themed musical performance by Mr. Dave Music to the custom decorations and a picnic buffet – check out all the details from this farm fiesta! We had so much fun celebrating our girl!
OK, I admit, I may have gone a bit overboard but it’s only our girl’s 1st birthday once and you all know how much I love to throw a party!

Most importantly, everyone had the BEST time, including the birthday girl who loved petting all of the animals and jamming with her favorite, Mr. Dave Music.

Here’s the low-down on all the party details!


These invites were made by the amazingly talented Samantha from Jilly Bear Designs on Etsy. She is so creative and talented and can customize invitations for you! Highly recommend her if you need birthday invites.

Farmer birthday sign:

This awesome, custom birthday sign was made by Lisa from the Happy Party Shop. How cute, right? We used it as the backdrop for the animal show and it couldn’t have been more perfect for the occasion! A must-have for any farm party!

Other fun farm decorations:

Picnic Buffet – AKA”the spread”

Fresh farm eggs – I made mini quiches which were the perfect size for the party and a hit with the crowd. I made two types: spinach, mushroom, tomatoes and goat cheese and then peppers, onions, and sausage.

“Hay Bales” – Mini tater tots. Enough said!

Fresh Produce – Fresh fruit and yogurt with Kitchfix Grain-free Granola. If you haven’t tried this granola yet, you’re missing out! It’s so healthy – made with nuts and seeds, so it’s gluten-free and 100% paleo approved.

These farm party snack cups were the perfect size for the yogurt parfaits. I got them from Divine Glitters who also made the farm party cups with lids and straws (PERFECT for the kids!)

Farm raised salmon – We got the bagels from Bros Bagels and I put together a salmon plate with lox, cucumbers, tomato, onions, capers, radish and lemon slices.

To stick with the theme, I also wanted to include some fun snacks like “chicken feed”, “tractor wheels” and “lasso”.

Bloody Mary bar:

I love bloody Mary’s for brunch so I wanted to create a bar with all of the fixings! It included:

  • Smoke Daddy Bloody Mary Mix (the best in town!)
  • Bar included: Bacon, celery, carrots, pepperchinis, pickles, artichoke, shrimp, cheese, salami, and lemon/limes
  • Hot sauce bar
  • Spices: Celery salt, paprika, cayenne, salt/pepper

Above the Bloody Mary bar I had monthly pictures of Chloe from newborn to 12 months old on clothes pins.

I also set up a drink station in the basement that included staples for the kiddos, like Fresh Country Lemonade and whole milk, and beer for the adults.


We kicked off the party with a surprise guest – Mr. Dave Music!

Get this, Mr. Dave Music rang our doorbell and walked in singing “Old McDonald had a farm” which caused a kiddo CRAZE. It was amazing! I’m still smiling thinking about the surprise and the looks on the kid’s faces when they saw him.

He serenaded the crowd with a few farm favorites, like “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Farmer in the Dell”. Perfect, right?

Thank you so much to Mr. Dave for being such an awesome sport and giving us one more reason to love him (if you missed it, check out my blog “Rockin’ Out with Mr. Dave” which will explain more about my love and loyalty to Mr. Dave Music)

Onto the main event..

What’s a farm party without animals?! We brought in a local, petting zoo (Animal Rentals) who did an amazing job. We were supposed to have the party outside but the frigid temperatures just weren’t going to work with the animals.

Instead, we decided to do a “show and tell” of the animals in our basement. The kids LOVED it and honestly, so did the parents. We had everything from a mini pig to a fox to a goat to a huge boa snake. It was incredible!!

And what’s a show without popcorn?! We gave out caramel corn in these adorable little barn boxes from Favors and Memories. How cute are they? Perfect for favors too!

Chloe’s outfit:

I have to admit, a farm party isn’t the most glamorous theme but I still wanted Chloe to wear something super cute and girly. I came across JAdoreTutuChic on Etsy and Melissa created the most adorable tutu outfit for Chloe – all in theme! I loved the ribbon trim on her tutu and the custom “1” shirt with all of the farm animals. So special! If you need a custom tutu, look no further than JAdoreTutuChic.


We capped off the party with our favorite carrot cake from Sweet Mandy B’s (which is uh-mazing!) and singing to Chloe!

Such an amazing day celebrating with all of Chloe’s wonderful friends and family. (And I’m not going to lie, still dreaming of that cake…!)

Thank you’s:

We gave out these “thank you” farm boxes which were customized with Chloe’s name and her first birthday. I included some animal crackers, farm-themed rubber duckies, and bubbles (Chloe’s favorite).A BIG thank you to everyone who came and to those partners who helped make the event a huge success! Thank you also to Chris Ocken Photography for capturing it which was no small feat!


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    wow, what a creative party for Chloe and she is such a beautiful doll! From Carolyn

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