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January 25, 2017 6 Comments

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If you’re a parent in Chicago, you’ve likely heard of Mr. Dave’s Music and if you haven’t, where have you been hiding?! Even before having Chloe, I heard about this “kid favorite” for his authentic, fun and modern take on music and ability to bring families together to celebrate it.

I was eager to get on the Mr. Dave Music bandwagon once Chloe was born and was beyond excited when he opened his very own location just blocks from our home. It didn’t take long before I finally understood the loyalty and love that kiddos and parents share for Mr. Dave’s Music, so I wanted to share my take with all of you. Plus, he’s offering readers $5 off on all classes through February (yes, unlimited all month!!) – details inside!

One of my friend’s daughters recently ran up to me after overhearing our conversation and asked, “Do you really know Mr. Dave?!”

Needless to say, Mr. Dave is a celebrity to kiddos in Chicago and for a good reason. Acclaimed for his modern take on children’s classics, Mr. Dave is engaging, fun, and constant entertainment for your little one. Plus, he offers a variety of musical offerings – from music classes to private lessons to birthday parties. While Mr. Dave does teach many of the classes himself, there are a few other awesome instructors that have their own unique spin on classes too.

I’ll be honest, it didn’t take long for us to jump on board as Mr. Dave groupies. Here’s a few reasons why you should too..

1. Modern Take on Classics

You know, as much as I love my daughter, there’s only so many times I can hear the same children’s songs without wanting to scream. Am I right?! One of the reasons I love Mr. Dave so much is he makes kid’s music classes FUN by taking a modern spin on classic songs.

You don’t always know what direction he’ll go with a song, or how he will reinvent it. But, with his staple guitar in tow, Mr. Dave can make even the “wheels on the bus” or “twinkle twinkle” hip and entertaining.

2. New, Spacious Location

I am a bit biased I’ll admit, but his new location is ideal – it’s modern yet cozy and bright with lots of natural sunlight right in the heart of Wicker Park. There is an enclosed space for the kiddos to roam, and class sizes are small enough where I feel like it’s intimate but still a small party. He often uses props to engage – like musical instruments, bubbles, and stuffed animals which helps make the class interactive and the keep the little ones busy. Chloe loved that Mr. Dave let her play his guitar 😉

3. Flexibility and Convenience

As a mom, it’s also hard to predict how your day will go, so I really appreciate the flexibility of sign-ups and cancellations.  Booking online is a cinch (see below) and you can do so right on your phone.

To guarantee your spot, you can book in advance but walk-ins are certainly welcome if space allows. I tend to book online here, and if I need to cancel last minute, I simply call and am not charged a fee which is a huge bonus.

4. Community Feel

What I think really differentiates Mr. Dave Music is that it’s more than just a place for music, fun and creativity – it’s also place for quality time with the little one in your life and an opportunity to meet others in the neighborhood.

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, friend or nanny, there’s such a variety of people attending classes and an opportunity for everyone to get involved. Chloe and I have met so many new friends through the Mr. Dave Music community and often make playdates for a lunch or coffee date after class too.

Plus, as a total bonus, both Mr. Dave and his wife Christina, are so personable and warm that we always feel welcome and it’s so clear that’s how they’ve grown such a loyal following.

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, you should join me and Chloe for a class soon. Mr. Dave’s Music is offering customers $5 off on unlimited classes with coupon LETSROCK through 2/28.

To guarantee your spot and use the promo code, you can book here.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


6 thoughts on “Rockin’ Out with Mr. Dave’s Music

  1. Avatar for Angie Rose Randall


    So cute! We will have to check this out. My son is obsessed with guitars and music class. Now that he’s on one nap some of these schedules might work!

    • Avatar for Angie Rose Randall


      Yes, he’ll love it then! All the little kiddos dance around (and get their energy out!!) which is ideal for us too 😉

  2. Avatar for Angie Rose Randall


    Ah, fun seeing all those happy kiddies. Does he do birthday gigs? My little guy has one coming up.

    • Avatar for Angie Rose Randall


      Yes! I actually just went to one a few weeks ago! They’re adorable.. they close the store front for a few hours and give a private music class… you can then bring in your own food, drinks, cake, decorations, etc. and customize the party however you like! It’s a no fuss birthday since you don’t have to host and deal with the mess (total bonus!) 😉

  3. Avatar for Angie Rose Randall


    He is the BEST for birthday parties! We had him for our daughter’s first birthday and he was such a hit. Highly recommend.

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