10 Things You Can’t Miss in Prague

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I’ve found a new love… Prague! After a weekend exploring this amazing city, I wanted to share my favorite sites and recommendations for those considering a trip there. Check out my 10 Things You Can’t Miss in Prague!

Do you have the European itch? If you’re thinking of heading across the pond consider Prague as your next destination! 

We recently returned from a whirlwind trip to Prague, Vienna and Budapest and we couldn’t have had a better time. Each of the cities offered so much history, culture, delicious cuisine and lots of memorable sites.

If you haven’t guessed by now after following me on Instagram, Prague was my favorite city we visited so I wanted to wrap up my recommendations for anyone considering a trip there. 

10 Things You Can’t Miss in Prague

1. Walk over the St. Charles Bridge 

This bridge is so beautiful! It has an interesting history, lots of sculptures and a gorgeous view of the castle (bring your camera!).

2. Explore the Old Town

Old Town is the heart of the city and the main hub for restaurants, entertainment and shops. It’s filled with narrow cobble stone streets, small restaurants and an open center area where people congregate.

It also has the world’s oldest functioning astronomical clock that goes off every hour from 9am – 9pm, so you’ll often see groups of people hanging around to watch.  

3. Taste the Beer

I’ve never really been a beer lover but I was told it was a “must try” while we were there and it certainly didn’t disappoint. I was shocked how smooth and delicious all of them were and tried everything from their Pilsner to Budweiser (which actually comes form Budweis, a town two hours outside of Prague).

We went to local favorite, The Golden Tiger, which was an experience within itself.  You must try it, if for nothing other than the authentic, old school venue that even former President Clinton has visited.  

4. Tour the Prague Castle

The castle cannot be missed! I’d recommend hiring Lucy Tours for a 1:1 interactive, personal walking tour to get the most of this incredible destination. We hired Patrick for a half day Prague Castle tour and it was the best decision we made all trip. The tour includes so much more than just seeing the castle – we hiked through the district up to top of the hill, saw breathtaking view of the city, tasted beer from the famous Strahov Monastic Brewery –  all before getting to the castle.Then once inside, we got an up close and personal understanding of the history of the Basilica, the neighborhood and even stood inside the torture chamber where they held prisoners. It was the most interesting tour I’ve ever been on. 

5. Explore the old Jewish Quarter

Prague used to be divided into 5 sections, one of which was the Jewish Quarter which was demolished less than a hundred years ago. This was the only area Jews were allowed to live in Prague for hundreds of years. With Lucy Tours again (this time on their 4 house Jewish Quarter/Old Town/New Town tour), we walked through what was left of the area – 6 synagogues, museums and cemeteries to understand the history behind the area. As heartbreaking as it was to learn about what they went through, it was fascinating to experience these things first-hand, especially with such a knowledgeable tour guide. 

6. Eat the Sausages

All I can say is that I now understand the hype around Czech sausages and encourage you to try not just one but them all! We ordered them as an appetizer at almost every meal just to get a variety. My favorite sausage was from a very small, rustic restaurant we found for dinner as we were exploring the back streets of Prague. U Dvou Sester was cozy, romantic and had the best authentic Czech food we tried. 

7. Visit the John Lennon Wall

This wall is a beautiful tribute to John Lennon and includes famous lyrics and quotes. Isn’t it just so cool?

8. Splurge on La Degustation 

Le Degustation was hands-down the best meal we’ve both ever had. We are typically not huge fans of coursed meals (I feel like I’ll always get a morsel of food and leave hungry after spending $$$$) but after watching an Anthony Bourdain special on Prague, we decided to trust his reco and Le Degustion did not disappoint.

Every dish was better than the next and we left SO full. I am not always the most adventurous eater but forced myself to embrace the experience and all of the dishes – which included everything from beef heart to trite to truffle escargot – and I was blown away. They have 6 and 11 course options, and you can order wine from the menu or do the coursed wine pairings. We went all out with 11 courses + wine but you’d still be raving with the 6 courses and a bottle of wine. 

The restaurant itself was small and cozy with maximum seating of 40. The kitchen is also open so we were able to watch them prep each meal which made the experience even better. 

9. Lock it in 

Just as in Paris there was a lock wall and we couldn’t resist locking in to this new city we fell in love with. The Little Quarter district is adorable too so be sure to walk around the little shops and see the John Lennon Wall which is only a few blocks down.  

10. Walk along the river on a sunny day

On our final day in Prague, the sun popped out and the city never looked so beautiful. We decided to walk home to our hotel along the river and it was one of the most picturesque experiences of my life. With the castle and bridge in the distance, it was the perfect moment. 

Have I convinced you yet to book your flight?! Ahh, I honestly just loved it. 

If you do end up going, here are a few other things that may be helpful:

  • It’s a totally walkable city but they also have Uber for nighttime or to get to/from the airport or train 
  • It’s inexpensive! Well, certainly compared to the US or other popular European cities. To give you an idea, the best beers we had were $1.50 each. 
  • You have to book a tour with Lucy Tours and request Patrick. I found this family-owned business on Trip Advisor and I can’t say enough wonderful things about our experience. Patrick, the son, was so incredibly knowledgeable, personable and made learning history on vacation FUN!! We loved him so much we exchanged info and invited him to Chicago to be his tour guides 😉
  • We stayed at the Four Seasons Prague and you simply can’t beat the hotel or service. They greeted us by name every time we came in/left the hotel (yeah, seriously!!)
  • Ok last but not least… must get a Thai massage. I know that this seems random but OMG. These were everywhere in Prague and we got them after our long days exploring for like $20. Totally. Worth. It. 

So let me know if you decide to go! I’ll come along in your suitcase 😉 Happy Travels!

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    You make it sounds so exciting. Ive put it on my bucket list!

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    Thanks for all the tips Angie. Eventhough a few years away for us, I love the planning/researching phase. It’s been fun following you.

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