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September 22, 2016 2 Comments

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Boy, do my mornings look different nowadays! 

Being in the corporate world for the last 10 years, I’m used to the hectic mornings… catching the train, grabbing coffee and juggling meetings and my workload for the day. Being at home is a huge change but one I welcomed and needed. (Read more about my decision to leave my job here). While our days are a lot more relaxed, I still need structure and to be productive. It just looks a little different nowadays. 

I think back to my maternity leave days where you’re expected (and encouraged) to sleep when you can, take it easy and just learn the ropes of caring for your child. But when you’re home permanently, I think it’s important to find your “new normal” because you could easily get into a slump where you don’t leave the house or see people. So, I’ve  outlined a loose schedule to help guide my day.

Our Schedule

6:00am: Wake up with my husband. Shower and get ready for the day before the baby wakes up. I used to do this after her first nap but I’d rather use that time to be productive. Plus, I want to see my husband before he leaves and get a jump start the day! 

6:30am: Chloe starts to stir around this time but I always leave her in crib until 6:45 or 7 while I make the bed/throw in a load of laundry. Making the bed isn’t something I would normally do when working but now that I’m home, I try to make it a daily occurrence. Strangely, it makes me feel more put together and I’m not then tempted to lounge there during the day.

7:00am: Time for Chloe to wake up! Change her diaper and give her a bottle.

7:15am: Make myself and Oscar (my dog) breakfast too. I kick start my day with a smoothie – often incorporating leafy greens – like kale or spinach – and sweet fruit like pineapple and strawberries. I always feel better when I start my morning with a nutrient-packed breakfast!

7:30am: Chloé, Oscar and I go on our morning walk in our neighborhood and get coffee. This is definitely one of my favorite parts of the day. I aim for about 1.5 miles – gotta get my cardio in! 

8:45am: Chloe naps and I do a quick clean up, check emails, and map out the 5 things I’m going to do that day. I find that writing out these items (and later checking them off) helps me prioritize my spare time and pushes me to be productive every day. I started this years ago and it really makes you think what needs to get done – rather than what you want to do. I usually put them in order of importance and whatever I haven’t finished, I plan for the following day. 9:30am: Chloe wakes up from her cap nap, enjoys a bottle and then it’s story time. She’s most settled after eating so it’s the perfect time to read to her, do a little tummy time and play. We sometimes take another short walk after if there’s time. 

11:00am – 1:00pm: Chloe takes long nap and I get to work on the 5 items on my list. I secretly love this time of the day. It’s her longest nap so I can actually focus on whatever I need to do and check things off my list and I feel like I get “me” time. 

Our afternoons are often spent going to classes (we’re signed up for Music and Baby Crawlers at Bubbles Academy which we’re loving so far!), meeting up with friends for playdates or staying active in creative ways. Every day it changes but I try to be outside as much as possible since I know our summer days are dwindling. We’re often home back in time to make dinner and we eat as a family as often as possible.

Chloe having so much fun at Music class at Bubbles Academy

My days are certainly not what they use to be but they are fulfilling. I love being with Chloè (and Oscar!) – she’s constantly changing, smiling and it’s so rewarding to watch her grow. I also have the opportunity to spend time focusing on my health and where these next few months will take me professionally. I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent writing and working on this blog (hope you all are liking reading!), and talking/meeting so many people who are also living with MS. 

Other moms, what’s your morning like? Any tips for getting the day going?

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2 thoughts on “New Morning Routine

  1. Avatar for Angie Rose Randall


    I love your blog and I’m glad I found it on the national MS Society feed. Your schedule with your precious daughter made me reminisce of my sweet days with my little ones. Enjoy.☺️

    • Avatar for Angie Rose Randall


      Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I am so glad to have you following along. Life with little ones is the best 🙂

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