De-Clutter & De-Stress with Fall Closet Cleaning

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Labor Day has come and gone which means it’s time for fall closet cleaning to begin. Have you started yours yet?

The beginning of each season is a great opportunity to clean out your closet so you can de-clutter, reorganize and swap out your clothes for the upcoming change of weather. It may sound crazy but I find the process to be therapeutic and actually use it as a way to de-stress. In my mind, the less you have to look at, the less you feel like you have going on. Plus, it’s an opportunity to determine what you really need (and even wear) and what can be given away to those in need – win, win for everyone!

When deciding whether to purge or keep, I ask myself:

  • When was the last time you’ve worn it? If it’s been over a year, I usually purge. If you a haven’t worn it once through any season, it’s probably for a good reason.
  • How does it fit? Clearly, this doesn’t apply if you’ve just had a baby or are in the process of fluctuating weight, but I know I own things that just don’t fit my body right but I loved the idea of them so much I bought them anyway.
  • How worn is it? If you’ve been wearing the same jeans for 10 years with holes everywhere, you may want to consider investing in a new pair. Just sayin’.

I also pack away items that I know I won’t be using soon so my closet is less congested. So, for fall, I’ve folded up my tank tops and swim suit cover-ups, maternity clothes and even my corporate work entire (boy did this feel weird!). In my mind, if you know you’re not going to use certain items for the next 6 months, put them in your basement or in a container at the bottom of your closet and showcase the items that are reflective of your lifestyle and the season.


I also brought in expert stylist and organizational maven, Pat Norman, to tell you a little about her philosophy for keeping your closet in tact:

“The key to organization is to create a “home” for everything you own,” says Pat. “Just like you have a garage where you park your car, each item of apparel and accessory should have its own space where it lives. That way you always know where it goes after you wear or use it.”  I love this advice – so practical.and simple to implement.

Here are some tips for organizing and de-cluttering your closet:

  • Start by dividing items into 3 sections – keep, store and give away. For the clothes you’re storing, purchase some heavy-duty bins and tuck them away.
  • Display clothes from light to dark (or white to black), short sleeves then long sleeves. I also make sure to face each item of clothing the same way. It not only looks more organized but it’s so practical and convenient when you’re looking for something.
  • Use the same, slim hanger for all items. This makes your closet look more buttoned up and saves space. These are awesome.

  • Get drawer dividers – These are the best invention. I can easily divide my drawers into sections to best serve my needs. Below is Chloe’s dresser that I can easily bucket off into sections with her onesies, leggings, shorts, tops, etc. Genius!
  • Use decorative bins or baskets to organize – they’re great for oddly shaped items like purses and bathing suits. Plus, they can add a pop of color to your closet.

  • Hooks or wall mounts can be a great way to display jewelry or hang purses. I love these unique ones below that will add a bit of flare to your closet.

  • These slim hangers are so convenient for holding scarves – you can fit all winter and summer scarfs with one hanger! Amazing.

  • For shoes, instead of placing each pair side by side, have one shoe in front of the other to save room. You’ll then be able to conserve space while still being able to see what you have. To conserve space, you can also use this or this.


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Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started. You’ll feel much better when you’re done, I promise!

Do you have any tips for storage or organization? I’d love for you to share!

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