Feature in Health Monitor Magazine

Well, this is certainly not the type of magazine cover you ever want to be on but I am happy I can spread my message further that life with MS is far from over.

Check out the article below from Health Monitor Magazine – I hope it helps others see that living Well and Strong with MS is very possible and attitude is the first step that’ll get you there. You cannot control that you have MS but you can control your reaction to it.

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2017: The Year It All Came Together

2017. The year of starting my business. The year of watching Chloe develop from a baby to a toddler. The year of MS activism, speaking engagements, and raising close to $25K for a cure. The year of self-reflection, hard work, and seeking that ‘perfect’ balance.

2017 was a year of learning – constant, never-ending learning. Whether I was busy building my business or juggling motherhood or managing our life at home, I feel like I learned something new every day. Yes, every. single. day. Some days I felt like I succeeded – reaching new heights and big wins – while others, I felt depleted, frustrated and at times lost. For every high and low, however, I gained insight, experience and knowledge that’s helped shape my new future. The new me.

Professionally, I’ve never felt more alive than I have in 2017. I went from corporate 9-5 jobs that didn’t really excite me or incentivize me to work harder to now building a brand and a business that I am passionate about and can’t wait to wake up to every day. 2017 was the year that I started something – an idea that came to me while on a train in Budapest, no less – that morphed into operating a company with 5 team members, 7 full-time clients and earning more than I could’ve ever dreamed of in my corporate job. I say this not to boast but to point out how drastically things can change when or if you want them to.

After a year of being a full time mom in 2016, juggling the newness of motherhood and MS, searching for answers, balance and my next “big” thing, this year was exactly what I needed to prove to myself that anything is possible. 2017 was a reminder that life doesn’t have to be limited to what you know or what you’re comfortable with. In fact, I stepped far, far out of my comfort zone to achieve more than professional success; despite initial fears and I went on live television – multiple times – and opened up about my MS story in front of thousands of strangers proving again that you can do anything you put your mind to.

I learned in 2017 that I could still be a great wife, an even better mom and still find the time to work while following my interests. Did I do them all perfectly? No. Could I probably have done each of them “better”? Perhaps. But, I did them all the best I could and to me, that’s enough.

It’s been sweet, 2017. Thanks for the memories.

Anxiety: What does MS have to do with it?

I have always been a concrete person and tend to see things in black and white. I often use logic or reason to help me come to decisions and am rarely guided by my emotions only. So when I was diagnosed with MS, it made sense. I lost my vision in my right eye because I had a lesion on my optic nerve that inhibited my ability to see. That was a very clear cut association between the disease and the side effects associated with it. Read more

Introducing SocialChow

Today is my birthday and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to formally introduce you to the company that I’ve been tirelessly working on this past year. You’ve all heard me talk about it, but now with the brand identity finished, the website built, a team developed, and a full roster of clients,  I want to introduce you to SocialChow, a social media marketing firm with a hearty appetite for helping lifestyle brands grow organically.

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Faces of MS: Bryan Bickell, Former NHL Player

It’s not every day that you can say that you interviewed a professional athlete – let alone a 3x Stanley Cup winner – but, I did just that. Bryan Bickell, formerly of the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks and the Carolina Hurricanes, was generous enough to share his story and experiences living with multiple sclerosis.

This interview was important to me on several levels – but most importantly, because Bryan Bickell, while a tremendously successful athlete, is still just a normal guy. He’s a 30-something year old dad, husband, and friend, who was just as scared as any of us when he learned the news of his diagnosis. But, instead of hiding behind closed doors, Bryan and his wife Amanda, are opening up and sharing their story, and how they’re helping others in a similar position. It’s no surprise why he’s been coined #BickellBrave Read more

Finding My Way to Balance: Part 2

In case you missed it, last week I posted an entry about how I am seeking to find better balance with everything going on in my life. Between my workload and personal life, I’ve been feeling a little run down lately and subsequently my MS has been acting up (you can read full entry here). I was looking for ways to improve my physical and mental health and requested any tips or tricks from readers and you all delivered!  Read more

Finding My Way to Balance 

Whether you’re a working mom, a stay at home mom or dabbling in the world of both, one thing is for certain – finding a balance between the two is hard. Perhaps you’re feeling guilty for overworking and not being home enough or you’re constantly chasing after a toddler and longing for parts of your pre-baby identity back; regardless, I think it’s common for moms to struggle with “doing it all”.  Read more

“When are you having Baby #2?!”

I can’t tell you how often I’m asked when we’re going to expand our family. It’s almost as if once your first baby turns 1, there’s an instant assumption that you’d begin trying immediately (as if the chaos of managing life with a 1 year old isn’t hard enough! Ha). Plus, many of my friends are starting to get pregnant again so I think it’s only natural to wonder when or if you’ll have that itch too.

Both Bill and I do want to have another child, but truth be told, we’re not ready quite yet. I’m honestly hesitant because being pregnant means I’ll be med-free again, which scares me to say the least. MS relapses after giving birth are so common and the thought of something happening to me when I have two children to care for is nerve-wracking to think about.

Last time around, I was so fortunate with Chloe and believe my heavy doses of steroids – which I started immediately following her birth – were the reason I was so lucky. Certainly I could follow the same plan next time around but you never know what will happen (oh the joys of MS!). So, back to the original question – “when are you going to have a 2nd baby?”…. Read more