Reflecting on 6 Years with MS

January 25, 2021 2 Comments

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If you were going to tell the younger me that I would be diagnosed with an incurable illness that I would have to manage for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I was a perfectly healthy and happy newlywed when I was told I had multiple sclerosis 6 years ago this week.

Despite feelings of initial grief, anger, and fear, I’ve since learned to not only live with MS but to thrive. I credit my success to 50 (!!) infusions of Tysabri, an incredible neurologist and proactively managing my health journey every step of the way.

After 6 years, two kids, one career shift and several health hiccups later, I am here to remind anyone newly diagnosed with MS that your life is not over. It’ll just look a little different than you imagined and that’s ok too.


2 thoughts on “Reflecting on 6 Years with MS

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    Sometime could you tell how it has affected your parenting? Or what you told your kids and how they responded? What do they know about your ms? How do other msers handle it and what experiences have they had? Are their children afraid they’ll get it or even more comfortable in a hospital or doctor setting?

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    Rob Montgomery

    Great to see your page! I randomly fell into it tonight and remember you from 2015 ish when we gave our talk together with Rishi for SFDC. Great to see youre doing well! Congrats on this blog! Well done.

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