Not your typical New Years Resolutions

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It’s been a long yet productive year!

Lots of exciting things happened… We welcomed Jack to our family, Chloe started preschool, we celebrated our 5 year anniversary, Bill switched jobs and my business, SocialChow continued to flourish. But it was also a challenging year, too, with a scary pregnancy problem that caused Jack to be born prematurely, and I had more than my fair share of health problem including a MS relapse after his birth. My body has never endured so much but thankfully, I am now recovered and we are adjusting a family of 4. To say I feel blessed is an understatement.

As you can imagine, we need a BREAK from big goals, crazy changes and lofty New Years resolutions. As Bill recently said, “we need to do NOTHING but chill for the next few years” and I couldn’t agree more. We are planning to focus on ourselves and our family’s happiness.

BUT, since I am me, I do have a small resolution that relates back to my love for organization which helps me decompress, release stress and juggle this crazy world around me. I call this resolution “tackling the low hanging fruit on my to-do list”.

You know those things that you always plan to do or want to do but they never happen?

Maybe it’s cleaning out your garage or taking the pictures off your phone… Well, I’ve narrowed that list down and I think these “to do’s” below – which may seem small and insignificant – will actually save me time every day and make my days more efficient in the long run.

Organize the folders on my computer desktop and iPhone screen

My computer desktop and my phone folders need some major organizing! This may shock some of you because I am typically a buttoned up person but I never bother to take the time to do this. Instead I have icons all over my screen with zero rhyme or reason, duplicate folders on my desktop and quite honestly, it takes me longer to find things than it should. I need to sort through it all, organize into categories and delete a lot! I am a big purger in life so doing it with your unused apps or folders you never use is necessary too!

Updating my Username + Password excel spreadsheet

I cannot begin to tell you how often I reference this sheet for every and any thing. I feel like I constantly need to provide a username, or ID, or password and I can’t for the life of me remember what it is (so many passwords now require numbers, some kind of symbol, can’t be your name…) Ahhh! It’s a mess. So several years ago I created a password protected excel spreadsheet that’s organized them into tabs (health, financial, kids, retail etc) that houses all of that stuff. I need to take the time to get it updated and buttoned up.

Unsubscribe from emails

I’ve been wanting to do this FOREVER and it’s just never been a priority. Now, if I don’t check my phone every 30 minutes I get overloaded with emails that I NEVER read or even want. I am going to make an effort to de-clutter my life by removing this “junk” mail.

Back up all 2019 photos and make my 2019 album.

I actually make an effort to take my favorite photos off my phone monthly and organize them to my computer, so I need to do that for the final month or two of the year. (A few years ago purchased Carbonite which is a software that regularly backs up my documents and pictures in case anything goes wrong.)

When I was pregnant with Jack, I made it a priority to complete 3 years of family albums to finally catch up since Chloe was born. That look so much time but I created a system that helped me organize it all and now I simply need to replicate it to make our 2019 album.

Ok, that’s it! While these may not be your typical resolutions, I am excited to tackle them in 2020 to hopefully make my every days more streamlined and efficient.

What’s on your New Years resolution list? Let me know below.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!

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