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Never thought the day would come but my organizational habits have now carried over to my fridge… and you know what, the outcome feels – and looks – so good!

We grocery shop once a week and I used to find myself throwing everything in our fridge without any real rhyme or reason. I always ended up forgetting that I had certain items and I couldn’t find anything easily. Insert fridge organization.

Now, everything in our fridge has a “home” and I know exactly where to look for our proteins, veggies, fruits, condiments, etc.

Check out our fridge organization below and my guide to everything you need to organize your own fridge.

Inspired to organized your fridge? I have everything you need to get started below. It’ll feel SO good after – promise!


  1. Label maker – This Dymo Label Maker is my go-to organizational item and it’s obvious why.. Everything in my house is labeled! This particular personal label maker comes with 2 tape cartridges and is super easy to use.
  2. Clear Bins You can never have enough clear bins! These Pantry and Refrigerator Organizer Bins are perfect for kitchen or cabinet storage. I love using them because you can easily separate your groceries according to type – proteins, veggies, fruits , etc. 4 bins are included in this set which makes these a good deal too!
  3. Can holders – These Greenco can storage bins are perfect to organize cans of La Croix, beer or soda. They each hold up to 11 cans and they come in a pack of 2
  4. Egg holder – Love this iDesign Plastic Egg Holder to store your eggs safely. It holds up to 21 eggs and has a lid to protect them from other items in your fridge.


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