Chloe’s Reading Nook

March 30, 2017 1 Comment

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In our basement, we have a carved out space that I wanted to turn into a reading nook for Chloe. As I’ve started updating our basement and transitioning it into a play room, I was so excited to tackle this small corner that would in turn become a place for learning, adventure, and creativity.

Kiddos are constantly running around, going from one toy to the next and often losing attention quickly since there is so much excitement. So, I wanted to create a reading nook separate from the play area where we could read to Chloe (and where one day she could read on her own). I wanted to make it cozy and warm, and usable with the small bookshelves and baskets she could get into.

We love how it turned out so I wanted to share the details with all of you!

Bookshelves – I love these gold bookshelves from Land of Nod that complement the other brass fixtures in the room and allow the books to be the focal point of the space. They can each display only a couple of favorite books so the baskets are the perfect complement.

DSC00199Book basketsThese baskets are flexible and soft to match the space and the colors complement the pinks and blues also found in Chloe’s playroom rug and our couch pillows.


Faux rawhide rug – We picked this rug to help designate the space as its own area. It’s very soft and comfy rug but an inexpensive option since it’s only a matter of time before it gets destroyed!

Pillows and chair – I found the chair at HomeGoods and the pillows are West Elm.

DSC00187Garland – Since the walls are so tall compared to the mini reading space, I felt we needed something to make the space more intimate. I found this garland on Etsy and love how it livens up the area . Best of all, you can customize the garland colors to meet your needs and spread out the balls to (imperfectly) balance the space.


I also love these gold animal characters that my former co-worker made for us. They actually used to be planters in Chloe’s room but now are just for decoration.

This is now one of my favorite spaces in our home and I hope Chloe loves it as much as I do. Now I read to her there (if only for a few minutes at a time) and she loves to climb on the chair and pull out her books.

Big thanks to JF Interior Designs for your creative ideas in helping to transform this space!


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    She’s such a lucky little girl!

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