Win BIG with the Illinois Lottery – All for MS

March 7, 2017 2 Comments

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Get your ticket while it’s HOT!! You can win up to $50,000 when you play the MS Project Ticket now through April 3, 2017. And, best of all, 100% of profits fund MS research in Illinois. 

The Illinois Lottery has dedicated a scratch off ticket to MS with ALL proceeds going to multiple sclerosis research in Illinois.  How awesome is that?! On top of it all, yours truly made a cameo in the ad!

How did this all happen you may wonder? Well, as a brand ambassador for the National MS Society, I was asked to be a “Face of MS” in this ad campaign and happily obliged because I think it’s important to show what MS can look like. Yes, MS can look like someone who struggles with mobility but it can also look like someone like me with no visible symptoms. MS is neurological and can affect everyone differently.Taping with the Illinois Lottery was an awesome experience. While I was a bit nervous to put myself out there and participate, it was a no-brainer since this campaign will not only build awareness for MS but raise funds for continued research.

Check out the ad here and make sure to get your ticket soon! Here is a list of locations you can purchase from. It’s only $3 a ticket and you could win BIG!

Huge thank you to the Illinois Lottery placing the spotlight on MS!

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    Fun! Can you post the actual ad?

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