Owning Your Medical Journey

March 6, 2017 1 Comment

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I recently spent some time on the phone with a woman from D.C. who was diagnosed with MS just 4 weeks ago. Rather than start a medication, she hoped to instead be starting a family with her husband of two years. 

MS, she fears, has changed her plan.

I feel compelled to respond publicly to her dilemma because it hits home for me and I’m sure for others. Chloe is living proof that your plans don’t have to change after diagnosis and contrary to what some people say, there are no set rules with MS.

If I went with the recommendation of the 1st doctor I met with, Chloe wouldn’t here and I know with certainty that I wouldn’t be better off. Instead, I found a doctor that was willing to work with me – before, during and after my pregnancy – to ensure that I safety had our baby. It wasn’t easy but it was certainly worth it.

Whether you’re dealing with MS or any medical challenge, I encourage you to ask questions, to interview multiple doctors, to understand your options and then make the best decision for YOU. While you may not be able to control that you have MS or other health issues, you do have control of your actions to treat and manage them.

Owning your medical journeyThis photo was taken just hours after Chloe was born as I underwent my first of 5 days of Prednisone steroid treatments to avoid a relapse. There aren’t enough words to express my gratefulness for our healthy and happy baby and for medical support that helped me safely carry out my plan.

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    What helpful, moving story.

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