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From music to little crawlers, Bubbles Academy offers more than baby classes – they offer a place for development, growth and socialization. If you’re expecting or have little ones at home, check out the many reasons I recommend Bubbles Academy.

When I decided to stay home with Chloé, I knew that I wanted to sign up for some classes together. Whether it was music, story-time or a fun activity, I knew it would not only be quality time we could spend together but it would help her with mental and physical development and socialization with other babies. Plus, it would get us out of the house!

Bubbles Academy was recommended off the bat by my trusted mommy-friends in Chicago and within a week I signed up for two of their fall classes – Baby Music and Core Development for Pre-Crawlers. The nice part was that you could sign up for a seasonal package or go week-to-week – whatever works best for your schedule!

A little about the classes we took..

Music for Babies

This class is so adorable and perfect for babies from 3+ months on. I’ve personally found that the older she’s gotten, the more she really gotten into it. Between the live guitar and singing of childhood favorites, practicing the sounds of animals and learning to play musical instruments, it’s the ideal way to introduce a young baby to music. Chloe loves the maracas, and tambourine so much that we welcomed them into our home to continue musical exploration.

Core Development, Pre-Crawlers

This class focuses on building core strength which is critical for babies as they start to learn to crawl. Who knew you needed one to do the other?! This class blew me away with all the creative exercises Miss Kim, the instructor, included. Simple things like encouraging babies to touch the piano while doing tummy time to blowing bubbles so babies would want to look up and pop them – all helped build strength within the core even though it just felt like we were playing. I was able to easily integrate these simple exercises into our routine at home and Chloé is now racing her way around our home.

Few things that separate Bubbles Academy from the rest:

  • They offer a variety of classes that appeal to every age – from crawlers to walkers – their classes grow with you and your family! As a loyalist at heart, I love when I find something that works because I never want to have to stop.
  • For me, a class is only as good as the instructor and I’ve honestly been blown away at Bubbles Academy! Miss Kim is so knowledgeable, warm and friendly and invested in the growth and development of each child… I was so impressed, even from Day 1. I later found out that she’s a well-known “favorite” amongst my mommy friends too and I can’t say I’m surprised!
  • Their classes this quarter were at an adorable kid’s cafe, Little Beans, but their new and improved space is opening this winter. I’m excited to check it out because even more class options are coming with more space for Chloe and friends to run around

Starting off with Bubbles Academy, I didn’t know what to exactly expect. But, over the last few months, I’ve started to see such a difference in Chloe and have gotten a stronger appreciation for these classes that only enhance her learning and growth but also enhance our day-to-day.

If you’re interested in trying one out, Bubbles Academy is offering readers 10% off classes through December 18 with promo code WELL10 at checkout. Click here to check out their classes and get started!

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