Chloé: 5 months old

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Chloé is 5 months old today and is as sweet as ever.Chloe 5 months old.jpgShe’s constantly smiling, giggling, and grabbing anything in sight, which unluckily for me is usually my hair. Speaking of,  she’s almost completely lost her full head of dark brown hair (with the exception a few pieces that are swiped in front). I’ve heard this is normal with babies, but is kind of funny seeing it change every day.
She’s become a pro at tummy time and is rolling over from time to time. She can even sit up for a few seconds on her own. By the looks of it, she’ll start crawling sooner than later (she seems eager!), although mom is secretly relishing in her immobility.

IMG_5927.JPGThere is so much to look forward to in coming months – like trying solid foods, crawling then walking, and even celebrating our first holidays together – but, I’m most looking forward to just being home with her every day so I can watch her grow. Yes, really! More on this soon.

Mom and Dad are totally in love

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    Beautiful photos of Chloe!

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