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Motherhood comes with all sorts of challenges. You’re constantly trying to figure it out and quite bluntly, not screw it up! I know I’ve relied heavily on my mom friends for day-to-day advice and tips on what I needed to buy since I didn’t know the first thing about babies before having one. I’ve quickly learned that motherhood is indeed a tribe and we are there to help one another which is the inspiration behind this new series. Whether you have a baby yourself, are expecting, or have friends or family members with a little one, I hope you find my baby must-haves helpful!

Baby Must-Haves

The best part of these recommendations is that they are gathered from not only my own experiences but from many moms before me who suggested them to me. We all help each other out and in return, hopefully our chaotic lives can be simpler with these posts that you can shop with ease.

Here are my top picks for 0-3 months old:

LittleMe Swaddle – OK, I do not understand why some people still are choosing swaddle blankets when Velcro options now exist! These are so easy to use and allow you to tightly wrap the baby so they can sleep better. There are a lot of great swaddle options out there but I loved this brand because they were lightweight, and cheap – 3 comes in a pack for about $30 – and most importantly, they worked (Chloe was sleeping through the night at 2 months!).

Fisher-Price® Deluxe Newborn Auto Rock ‘n Play™ Sleeper in Safari Dreams  This is a lifesaver! Chloé slept in this for bed/naps until she was about 6 weeks old. It’s ideal because it automatically rocks your baby to sleep on an incline and even comes with music/white noise. It’s also light weight and collapsible so you can move it around the house.

Simple Wishes Hands Free Breastpump Bra – I don’t think I would have survived without this! As awkward and embarrassing as it is to look at, this bra is a necessity if you ever plan on pumping. You simply put it on and connect the bottles so you can use your hands while it does all of the work. Voila!

Nuna Pipa car seat – In addition to this being a well-rated, safe car-seat, I ultimately decided on it for two reasons 1) It’s the most lightweight car seat on the market at 7 pounds. When your baby’s weight is added to that, the amount your carrying every day adds up real quick! 2) It has a protective shield that magnetically covers the front of it so your baby is protected for walks in the sun and can take a nap without distractions.


WubbaNub Infant Pacifier – Not only are these pacifiers adorable but they’re so practical too. You never lose them! They come with a soothie paci and a cute little stuffed animal. Chloé loves the giraffe who we affectionately named Gene. These are a great, inexpensive gift that moms will adore!

Carter’s zip up pajamas – These are a lifesaver and practically the only thing my daughter wore for the first two months. Why? They’re so incredibly convenient! Chloé was born in the middle of March so the weather wasn’t the best. I could easily slip her into one of these and she instantly had a comfortable, enclosed outfit without needing socks or mittens. And best of all, it zipped up! Who really has the time or patience for buttons? With a million fun patterns and colors, and inexpensive cost, these were a no-brainer.

Boppy PillowI love this pillow and not just for breastfeeding. It’s a great pillow for babies to lean on while you’re giving them a bottle and perfect for practicing tummy time.

Infantino Sweet Baby Carrier – My daughter was only 5 pounds when she was born so the Bjorn carrier we had for her was much too big but I wanted to be able to wear her as a newborn. My friend recommended this light, compact carrier that allows you to hold the baby face-in or face-out while it holds her head securely. Best of all, it’s under $20 (perfect for a short-term investment)! Now that she’s older (and heavier!), the Bjorn has been better for balancing her weight, but this is a perfect, inexpensive alternative if you’re looking for an extra carrier.
Relax Melodies app (download on your phone) – This is perhaps my #1 most recommended item and bonus – it’s free! White noise works wonders for newborns and would instantly put my baby to sleep. Download this free app to your phone and bring it with you everywhere. If Chloé was cranky or showed signs of tiredness, I would put this on and it would knock her out – making her an ideal dinner date!

So, this rounds out my favorite items. What are your top picks?

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