Living Room Makeover 

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Our home is a constant work-in-progress, but after a year, I can finally say we’re settled in. We have a lot of the bigger, “must-do” items checked off our list and we’re now really able to enjoy our home. A year ago today we purchased our home so it’s only fitting to share our progress!

When we first purchased our home, we knew that there were a few things we wanted to do right away – both because they would make a big difference visually but also because it was more of a pain to do after we moved in. So, the first item on our list was re-finishing and darkening our floors.

Our home is about 15-years-old and had standard oak wood floors. They were nice, but they looked lived in (the previous owners had a big dog and three kids) and weren’t the modern look we were going for. We wanted a darker wood that would look more contemporary. So before we moved in, we decided to re-finish all of the floors and repaint all of the walls and ceilings. The walls were originally a butter color that felt outdated so we opted for a light gray that wouldn’t overpower the room. We selected Thunder (Benjamin Moore) and I love how it turned out.



Living Room Makeover 1.jpg

Living Room Makeover 3.jpgLiving Room Makeover.jpg

It took us almost a year to really fill this space. We spent the first 6 months with an empty room but slowly started to get some staple pieces, like the rug, couch and chairs, and mixed them in with things we already had like the dining room table and artwork hand-me-downs. I’m a huge proponent of investing in some key, high-quality items that will last for many years and then sprinkling in inexpensive, statement pieces that don’t break the bank, like light fixtures, side tables and decorative accessories. You’ll never believe which items were splurges and which were steals!  Full details on our living room decor to come.

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    Beautiful with a comfortable, honey feel!

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      Yes, indeed! Thank you.

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      Thank you!

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    Ashley Zeal

    Your home is so gorgeous Angie! Thanks for sharing — and don’t be surprised when I invite myelf over next time I’m in town! XooX

    • Avatar for Angie Rose Randall


      Yes! You have to come visit!! 🙂 I’d love to have you over for dinner and vino!

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    Pat Norman

    Love it

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      Thanks so much, Pat!

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