Chloé: 4 months old 

Our baby girl is 4 months old! We just had her check up and she’s now up to a healthy… More

Chloé’s Christening: Part I, Godparents  

This past Sunday, our daughter was baptized. Both Bill and I were raised Catholic so we knew we wanted our… More

Chloé: 3 months old 

3 months of loving Miss Chloé Renee. She is constantly smiling now and her happiness is contagious. She’s starting to… More

Chloé: 2 months old 

At 2 months old, our girl is sleeping through the night! She’s even started to smile which melts my heart…. More

Chloé: 1 month old 

Tiniest little babe. 7 pounds, 8 oz and finally fitting into newborn clothes.  More