Chloé: 4 months old 

Our baby girl is 4 months old! We just had her check up and she’s now up to a healthy 12 lbs, 15 oz which feels huge to me since she was only 5 pounds a few months ago! She’s almost 23 inches tall and growing right on track.

img_5377It feels like Chloé has transformed from a newborn to an active baby overnight! She’s now cooing, squealing and making all sorts of noises – let me tell you, this girl is talkative (wonder where she got that from?). She’s also taken a keen interest in her hands – she grips them so tightly when she eats and has started regularly stuffing them in her mouth. Yum! 😉 She’s also starting to roll over which I’m sure we will see more of in the coming months. Overall, just a happy, healthy baby.. We couldn’t ask for anything more!
Best bet to make her smile? Sing her Itsy-Bitsy Spider, play peek-a-boo or let her look in the mirror.. Seeing this grin is the best thing ever!

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