Resources to Educate Kids About Race and Racism

June 9, 2020 1 Comment

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The last week has evoked a whirlwind of emotions with the heartbreaking and senseless murder of George Floyd and subsequent protests and violence that confirmed that racism is very much alive in our world today.

I firmly believe in racial equality and want to ensure that my children appreciate diversity, respect people of all ethic backgrounds and cultures, and stand up against racism. I self-admittedly have never spoke proactively to Chloe about race and racism, but now feel compelled to do so. I now realize that it’s my responsibly – and our responsibility as parents – to not only be a role model to emulate but to educate them as well. I want to teach my children firsthand so they go into the world with an open mind and heart for everyone they meet.

I’ve compiled resources – books, articles and activities – below that can help. I will add to this list as I learn and research more, so please go back to it for new information.

What to Read to Your Kids

Below are a few recommendations for children that were recommended by mom friends and my daughter’s school.

Fiona Flamingo

Thank you Omu

One Family


I am Enough


Something Happened in our Town


All Are Welcome


Say Something


A Kids Book about Racism


Can I Join Your Club?


All The Colors We Are


The Skin I’m In


Free Downloadable Storybook

Also, a social worker sent this toddler-friendly informative story below, “What is a peaceful protest?”. You can download it for free here. This came in particularly handy for us after the protests last week and violence that subsequently occurred in our own neighborhood in Chicago.


What to Read as Parent:

I’ve found these articles below to be informative and helpful so I thought I’d share.


What to Do: Coloring Page and Poem

An interactive coloring page by Amanda Jackson, a fellow Chicago mama. You can download it here. Thank you, Amanda!

What to Do: A Hands-on Activity for Toddlers

A simple activity by One Sharp Bunch that explains we are all the same on the inside. You can download here.


What to Do: Make signs!

Incorporating arts and crafts is always a fun and educational way to get kids involved. They can choose their own message if they’re old enough or you can choose for them and help explain what it means. I found both of the signs below to be a good conversation starter with Chloe. She also got to practice painting within the lines, and then tracing letters (we used a Q-Tip instead of a paintbrush to help make it easier for her).

What to Watch:

Sesame Street teamed up with CNN to bring children (and adults) a different type of Saturday morning cartoon – a Townhall with Elmo and friends to address racism. The episode aimed to address racism and why people are protesting amid George Floyd’s death. You can watch here.


What to Listen to:

In this podcast by First Name Basis, you’ll learn the first three things you can do to talk to your children about racism.

Special thanks to Martine Allison, Lucia Annunzio, Jenn Johnstone Quiros, Amanda Sullivan, Amanda Jackson, Vicky Salud and so many others for their suggestions. 


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