5 Must-Haves for Organizing Your Home

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I’ve been on an “organizational kick”, let’s call it, for the last several months. I’ve organized our bathrooms, playroom, closets, kitchen… you name it! You may call it “nesting”, but I actually call it “de-stressing”. Staying organized helps me become more productive and efficient with my time and less stressed and overwhelmed. (<— this is KEY!!!). Overall, I just FEEL better when things are buttoned up!

So as part of this blog moving forward, I’m going to share with you some of my tips and tricks for organizing including my 5 “Must-Haves” for organizing your home that I truly couldn’t live without.  But first… check out some of the fun (!!) I’ve been having organizing… 🙂

Linen Closet


Few snaps of our Kitchen Cabinets, Drawers and Fridge

Chloe’s Bedroom, Closet and Bath



So, what do you need to get started on organizing? Here are my Must-Haves for Organizing Your Home

1. Label Maker

How did I get by in life before my label maker? No, seriously! Haha. I’m obsessed with this little gadget! It’s simple to use and this one here even comes with 3 tape dispensers so you have everything you need to get started. The one I use is below.

If you’re not into creating your own, another great option is Chalkboard labels

These chalkboard labels are a super simple and quick alternative to organize your space. You can simply buy these stick on labels and write on them using a chalk marker. Easy!

Don’t forget the chalk marker – you can’t use a regular one on these kind – but the white pops and looks cute. 


2. Laminator

It took me a while to decide whether or not I needed this and now I literally use it a few times a week. I love it and now laminate everything! From creating my own labels (which is SO much cheaper- blog post coming on this!) to laminating important documents, I can’t describe to you how much I use this compact / easy-to-use device! The one I use is below.


Don’t forget to buy laminating sheets – you can get 100 here for super cheap and you’ll be set. 


Rings – I also use these rings when clipping my laminated labels onto baskets.  Such a cheaper alternative to labels made specifically for baskets!


3. Paper Cutter

I know what you’re thinking – “I can just use scissors to cut the labels” but trust me when I tell you, this is a life-saver. It takes you less time than using scissors and you’re guaranteed that “perfect” cut every time. I wish I caved and bought this sooner because now I want to re-do all the labels that are uneven. 😜 The one I have is below – it’s light weight and easy to store!


4. LOTS of Shoebox Containers with lids

You guys, I must have bought 50 of these within the last few months. These are so versatile for every space in your home – from your pantry to your bathroom to your playroom. 

These ones below come in a pack of 12 so they are less expensive – love that they have the lids too.

They are also see-through which makes it easy to see what’s inside while still having the items contained and totally worth buying in bulk (even if you don’t use them all right away – you will!). I create my own labels using the laminator to go on them but you can easily get the chalkboard ones too.


5. Drawer dividers

If you have a dresser, you NEED these! I use these in both kids’ rooms to separate their drawers into “sections” – underware, socks, onesies, leggings, T-shirts, pjs etc. I must use about 8 – 10 in each dresser.

These below are great because you can easily customize their length to meet any dresser size and honestly, they’re the cheapest ones I could find! I spent $20 for two on Chloe’s room and thankfully found these, which turned out to be a great alternative. Highly recommend the ones below!


If you want more organizational inspiration, please out my Instagram page where I share all of my room transformations and favorite organizational products too. Plus, I have an Insta Story Highlight about how I make home-made labels!

Any you excited about this new series? Let me know below!

*Please note that affiliate links are contained in this post and I will get a small commission if you purchase any of these items. Thank you I advance for supporting my blog! It’s greatly appreciated.

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