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May 24, 2017 3 Comments

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The Women on the Move Luncheon, which supports raising funds for the National MS Society, was the first event I went to just 2 months after my diagnosis with MS. I remember attending the luncheon vividly, as it had such an emotional impact on me. I walked into the ballroom at the Ritz Carlton hotel and was instantly brought to tears. Just a few months before that event, I had walked into that same ballroom but for a very different reason. My entry was to announce our marriage as husband and wife, the happiest of occasions, but this time, I was overwhelmed with fear, sadness and disbelief. How quickly life had changed.

Today marked 2 years since that day, and I can proudly say that I haven’t turned away from this event that was initially so difficult for me to attend; in fact, this year I joined the host committee and invited a few friends and family members to help support the cause.

The event today honored my friend and fellow MSer, Carrie Paulson, who was instrumental to me when I was first diagnosed. Carrie is a personal trainer at Equinox who has an incredibly optimistic and positive attitude; she also showed me that you could control with your destiny with MS by controlling your disease. Her saving grace was staying active and as a personal trainer, she actually came to help me train twice a week during my first few months with the disease. I was so happy to see her recognized today, and to listen to her speak about her journey and the importance of a positive attitude. She concluded with a very powerful poem that I wanted to share with you all.

As you’ve all heard me say time and time again, words are powerful and attitude is everything.I want to extend my deepest thanks to Elizabeth Hess, Allyson Weaver Bunker, Ania Malus Kitzmann, Peg Lomardo, Lee Glazer, Lyn McKeaney, Susan Payne, my mother-in-law, Carolann Randall and my mom and biggest supporter, Lucia Annunzio, for not only attending today’s event with us but supporting me and the National MS Society by so generously giving to the cause. To show thanks to those who donated, the NMSS gave out leis, and as you can see, we were all shining bright. Thank you.

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    A wonderful event!

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    Melchora l. Grana

    Please share to me how to manage MS since my 26 year old son has just been diagnosed after having felt the signs and symptoms for 5 years since the doctors here in Philippines believed that its only a simple vertigo for the reason that this case is rare in our country. We have no MS society to support us and im really deeply hurt seeing the health of my son a bit deteriorating. We have undergone lab tests, scan, mri, uro dynamics, visual tests and many others but no specific treatment was given until now. please help us in whatever way you can. God bless

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      Hi there. I’m so sorry to hear this. Medication is very helpful and is what I attribute my success to, along with healthy eating/living, including getting rest and sleep. I’m on tysabri. Do you have access to medication? Best of luck

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