Quick & Easy Holiday Decor

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Looking for a quick, simple and inexpensive way to decorate for the season? I made these for less than $5 and am loving them! 

I am always looking for new ways to decorate for the holidays – whether its my fireplace mantel or our table for Christmas. I decided to give these a shot and couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out – especially since they were super easy and inexpensive to do.

What you’ll need:

  • Bottles – Gather a variety of sizes and shapes. I personally prefer Pellegrino or Perrier bottles over wine bottles since the shape is more like a vase and the labels are easier to get off.
  • Spray paint – I bought mine off of Amazon here since many stores in Chicago aren’t allowed to sell it
  • Gloves – You will get this all over your hands otherwise! I used my gardening gloves so use whatever is handy
  • Tarp – Make sure you have something to cover your space thoroughly. Since it’s too cold to spray paint outside you’ll likely have to do it indoors or in your garage if you have one.


  • Collect bottles 
  • Soak bottles in soapy water and peel off any labels
  • Dry completely 
  • Lay out tarp and spay individually. Make sure you’re wearing gloves!
  • Let them dry for a few minutes and then coat a second time and get the parts you missed. 
  • Add a variety of greens or florals. I bought these for 70% off at Joann Fabrics and all of them cost less than $20I put these on our fireplace mantle but will also use them for our Christmas dinner and likely re-use for another party we’re hosting in January. So easy, right? Enjoy!

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