The Easiest Way to Get Your Christmas Tree

November 27, 2016 1 Comment

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Are you looking for a hassle-free way to get your Christmas tree this year?  I’ve got the perfect solution for you – City Tree Delivery, an award winning Christmas tree service that even Yelpers are giving 5 stars to.

City Tree Delivery is my-go to for fresh Fraser fur trees without any stress, mess or hassle.. Get $10 off your first Christmas tree order when you use coupon code WELLSTRONG10 when you order one here

Chicagoans, I’m excited to introduce you to City Tree Delivery– a service that makes getting your tree, garlands and wreaths painless.


I don’t know about you but as much as I love a real, Fraser fur Christmas tree, I hate the process of getting one… You have to drive to Home Depot or a local tree market and somehow figure out how to lug this huge, prickly tree home without damaging or totally dirtying up the inside of your car – assuming you even have a car to begin with! It’s a nightmare. Then don’t get me started on the process for actually getting the tree into your home and setting it up. I’m having deja vu anxiety just thinking about all the tree pines going everywhere… ahhh!

Don’t  worry, there’s a MUCH better way to do this! City Tree Delivery.

I found this service last year when I was pregnant – and not even entertaining the idea of picking one up myself – and I’m never looking back. City Tree Delivery just set up our tree again and I love this service so much, I wanted to tell all my local Chicago readers about it. Plus, City Tree Delivery graciously offered to give my readers $10 off their tree this year – pretty awesome right? Use WELLSTRONG10 at check out here.

OK – now back to why this is our go-to holiday service…


As if it’s not obvious already, this service is a no-brainer simply because it’s so easy and hassle-free (which is everything I need with a baby!!). Here’s the process:

  • Go to their website (here), select the size tree you want and date you want it and voilá – you’re given a confirmation and a two hour window for delivery.
  • On the date of delivery, two guys deliver your tree for FREE
  • If you choose, they can set it up for a small fee ($20). I elected to have to them do the whole set-up and in under 10 minutes, they opened and aired the tree, added it to my stand, watered it and get this – swept up after themselves (!!!) so my house was perfectly clean when they left. Seriously awesome. 
  • Trees start at just $89 so, NO – they’re not gouging you for the service – especially with the $10 off coupon.
  • Offerings also include light set-up, light removal and tree removal after the holidays too. There’s nothing worse than lugging out an old tree so this perk is key for me!

Quality Trees

  • Since this is a delivery service and you don’t actually get to see the tree yourself, I was naturally a bit skeptical about the quality of product. But, I had nothing to worry about. City Tree Delivery only houses fresh Fraser furs from small Michigan farms.
  • Not only are the trees great, but City Tree Delivery prides themselves on being a sustainable neighborhood partner and donates a portion of all of their profits to local schools, parks and other green charities. Learn more about their dedication to sustainability here.

Great Service

I love supporting this local business because it’s not only run by a Chicago family who’s raising two small kids but the delivery guys are the best. They’re Chicago fireman, like Justin here, or college students looking to make some extra bucks over the holiday. They’re polite, gracious and very quick to get the job done. In my book, the business is only as good as the people who are behind it and these guys are top notch.

Get StartedCheck out their site and consider supporting this local business that’s being praised – not only by me – but on Yelp too with a 5-star rating. Use code WELLSTRONG10 for a $10 off coupon when you check out here. Please spread the word to your friends and family too.

Not sure if your home is within their delivery zone? Check out the delivery map here.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m being compensated for endorsing City Tree Delivery but my experience with their service is 100% authentic and honest. Plus, you’ll all thank me later when your car and home are free of tree pines and you have one less to-do on your Christmas to-do list 😉


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