Flying Solo! 7 Perks of Traveling Baby-less 

September 11, 2016 1 Comment

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Like many new moms, I debated when was the right time to go away without our baby. 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? What’s the “right” age? Well, that’s purely personal choice and should be based on your level of comfort; but for us, it was this past weekend as Chloé was about to turn 6 months old. And after some initial nerves, guess what happened?! We all survived, had some fun and even learned a few things from it.

As parents, you’ll know when the time is right to get away and for us, one of my best friend’s weddings was just that opportunity. So, my husband and I went to Denver sans baby to celebrate our friends and enjoy some time to ourselves. In the past, I’ve brought our daughter along but decided it was time to leave her in the trusted hands of my mom so we could have some baby freedom.

It’s true what they say, until you have a baby you don’t really know how it is or how you’ll feel about certain things which rings true here. I’m so used to being with Chloé that the thought of being so many thousands of miles made me really anxious (and yes, I may have even teared up on the plane as we left). But, I knew it was the right decision and sometimes time away is good for the both of you.

Since I know many moms have nerves about this too, I thought I’d round-up my baby-less travel perks that may help give you that extra nudge to get some much deserved time for yourself when you’re ready.

7 Perks of Traveling Baby-less 

1) Forget the stroller, car seat, and million suitcases and go through the airport with ease. (Sigh). One carry on and one purse – traveling light has never felt so good!

2) Cocktail on the plane? Don’t mind if I do!

3) I actually had a full conversation … without interruption  I forgot this was possible.4) Exercise for the day consisted of hiking with a scenic view instead of weight lifting a 16 pound baby on my chest. I’ll take it!

5) No curfew. No early morning wake ups. Enough said.

6) You mean I get to dress for the evening without a baby on my hip.. AND I can actually wear something fancy without the chance of getting spilled on?!

7) Swap your mom and dad hats for husband and wife and have some fun together – just the two of you!

So, mamas, I hope you enjoy some time away every once in a while even if that means a trip to the nail salon or dinner with girl friends… I think it helps to rejuvenate and makes you appreciate your crazy but amazingly wonderful life at home. I know for me, as much as I enjoyed a weekend away with my husband, I couldn’t wait to get home to my daughter and my dog, Oscar. They are simply the best and make every day better than the next.

Parents, when did you first leave your baby? Did I miss any perks?! Let me know in the “comments” section.


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    Bill Arnold

    Hi Angie- We missed you and Bill yesterday but Chloe was a star guest at Kyle and Lauren’s wedding shower. Gramma Carol Ann dressed her beautifully and she was so good…smiling at everyone and cuddling up to whoever was lucky to be holding her. What a darling baby girl!
    Bill and Cele Arnold

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