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I’m a sentimental person and a bit of picture fanatic, so I knew I wanted to somehow incorporate a gallery wall into our home. For those of you who may not know the term, a gallery wall is a collection of your favorite photos or prints that are placed strategically on an empty wall. I considered having one in our family room since it’s a casual space where we spend a lot of time but ultimately decided to feature it in our staircase since we had a large, empty wall where it could grow over time.

IMG_4492.JPGI wanted our photos to be the hero so I kept the frames simple and opted for modern, elegant ones from Pottery Barn (which are on sale right now !). I’m someone who likes consistency so I decided to feature the same frame. Personally, I think it looks cleaner and also removes the need to over-think blending different types of looks and allows the artwork/photo to be the focus.

Variety is important, however, when it comes to frame sizes and I would recommend featuring both horizontal and vertical images. When developing a wall, you certainly don’t have to use just photos – you can mix in art work, prints, etc. But, I would recommend laying out all of the items before you put anything on the wall and have them hung with precision. I kept 2” inches in between every frame (consistency is key!) and aligned the frames so they were seamlessly connected to one another.

Randall_Home-017Things to consider when developing a gallery wall:

  • Do you want to feature art work or just family photos? Or both?
  • Do you want to have a mix of frames or one consistent look?
  • Where do you have an open space large enough so you can you expand it over time, if desired?

Here are some of my favorite gallery wall frame options:

Hayes Silver Gallery In a Box (These are the ones we have)

Wood Gallery Frames

Not sure how to get started? I found this guide which can help inspire you based on the wall space you have available or the type of images you’re looking to feature. Good luck!

Wall Gallery Visual

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? I’d love for you to post your finished wall in the “Comments” section.

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