Chloé’s Christening: Part 2, The Celebration 

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We knew we wanted to do something special for Chloé’s baptism and decided to host a lunch at our home. Planning a party is pretty much second nature to me. I love everything about the process – picking out the invites, selecting the décor (everyone knows I love a good theme!), planning the menu, and of course, welcoming our guests.

Because I was going back to work the next week, I wanted to keep things simple and happily accepted several generous offers from our family to help. While I have been known to fuss over the smallest party detail and work tirelessly to execute a Pinterest creation (embarrassing, I know), I decided that all of that was a waste and my time could be better spent with Chloé. I’d rather spend the day at the park than attempt to cook for 25 people or pick up balloons that no one would even care about. So that’s what I did. I scaled it back a bit and enjoyed more precious time with our girl. Here are some of the details of our celebration:

Location: Our home! Our deck was the perfect spot to enjoy the nice weather.

Invites: Swapped printed invitations for these easy and adorable Paperless Posts.

Guest list: We decided to keep it small and intimate. As much as we love all of our family and friends, baptisms aren’t everyone’s favorite activity so we thought we’d keep it to immediate family.

Menu: Forget the cooking and mess! I opted for Goddess and the Grocer catering. They have healthy and delicious summertime options that we’re still enjoying days later.

Drinks: We pre-ordered Binny’s (best idea ever!) and Sancerre, rosé and prosecco were ready to be picked up with ease. Thanks to my MIL and mom for helping with that and much, much more!

Floral arrangements – These awesome creations were made thanks to my step-mom, Wendy! She ordered these unique plant holders from Ebay and added her own ivy arrangements and stands – talk about impressive!

Décor – Luckily, I am a planner and ordered napkins and signs from Etsy ages ago. You can never go wrong with personalized items – they add a warm touch to any event.

Attire – Finding a special dress for Chloé was so much fun and something I was excited about doing with my mom. She gifted Chloe this beautiful dress and bonnet (I mean, have you seen anything cuter?!) and we opted for a more fun party dress for the lunch afterwards.

Photography – Thanks to Kent Drake Photography for capturing this special day. Since our wedding day, Kent has become a staple at all of our milestone events.

As much as I enjoy the details of a party, the best part was sharing this special day with our parents and relatives. Chloé is so fortunate to have such wonderful people in her life (and so are we!!). Thank you to all of our family for coming.

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    What a wonderful christening and celebration!

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      Indeed! Thank you

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