Watermelon Feta Salad

During the summer, we try to spend a lot of time on our deck and like to grill as much as possible. It’s so easy, mess free and I always think the end result is so flavorful. Most of the time, I’m guilty of throwing on a protein with oil and seasonings and conjure up some easy sides to go along with it. One of my favorite sides for summer is a Watermelon Feta salad – it’s light and healthy, refreshing and delicious!

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Food for Thought 

It probably comes as no surprise that eating healthy is part of my lifestyle. Even before being diagnosed with MS, I never ate fattening or unhealthy food regularly but I did give myself liberties that I no longer do today. My diet now mainly consists of proteins, vegetables and some fruits and I try to avoid carbs (especially those with high sugar content) and gluten as often as possible… Read more