Breastfeeding and MS

Breastfeeding is a pretty loaded topic in the world of moms. There’s a certain pressure to breastfeed since research suggests it’s better for your baby and what mom doesn’t want to give their baby the best? Plus, it seems like the natural thing to do since your body is physically producing exactly what your baby needs for potentially the first year of life. Read more

Road to Tysabri

While there is no cure for MS, there are several medicinal options that aim to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks and prevent new lesions from developing. I remember researching MS treatments online after my diagnosis and there must have been 12 of them to choose from…

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Food for Thought 

It probably comes as no surprise that eating healthy is part of my lifestyle. Even before being diagnosed with MS, I never ate fattening or unhealthy food regularly but I did give myself liberties that I no longer do today. My diet now mainly consists of proteins, vegetables and some fruits and I try to avoid carbs (especially those with high sugar content) and gluten as often as possible… Read more


January 25, 2015

On January 18, 2015, I lost the vision in my right eye. Without rhyme or reason, it was gone. After days of doctor visits and eye tests, the diagnosis was unclear. But, when I woke up with a tingly sensation in my body a few days later, it was obvious that an MRI was necessary. Hours later, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, an incurable neurological disease resulting in various visual, motor and sensory problems… Read more