Breastfeeding and MS

Breastfeeding is a pretty loaded topic in the world of moms. There’s a certain pressure to breastfeed since research suggests it’s better for your baby and what mom doesn’t want to give their baby the best? Plus, it seems like the natural thing to do since your body is physically producing exactly what your baby needs for potentially the first year of life. Read more

Flying Solo! 7 Perks of Traveling Baby-less 

Like many new moms, I debated when was the right time to go away without our baby. 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? What’s the “right” age? Well, that’s purely personal choice and should be based on your level of comfort; but for us, it was this past weekend as Chloé was about to turn 6 months old. And after some initial nerves, guess what happened?! We all survived, had some fun and even learned a few things from it. Read more